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Adam Meyer & Raleigh Holmes

Adam Meyer & Raleigh Holmes


Armin Shimerman Leads April Shakespeare Workout Class

Ready to Brush Up Your Shakespeare?
Check out Antaeus’s Shakespeare Workout: a different focus every month.
April spots are filling now!

“Table work and solving puzzles are essential. But, it is also important to have people perform and get inside the skin of the characters.”
–Armin Shimerman

Armin Shimerman

Great actors need great writers. Antaeus presents the challenges and rewards of tackling Shakespeare in sessions moderated by a rotating group of L.A.’s top actors, directors and acting teachers. Now a year-round program, SW features a different guest moderator every month. Actors new to the workshop commit to an initial 12-week session; returning actors may join the workshop on a by-the-month basis. Open to actors of all ages and levels of experience, the workout focuses on text analysis, monologue and scene work.

The Details:
Meets Wednesdays, 2 – 5 pm
Sessions begin the first Wednesday of each month.
Call or email academy@antaeus.org for details.
Class size: 16 – 20 actors per class
Open to actors of all ages

April Shakespeare Workout:
Teacher: Armin Shimerman
Focus: Text Analysis & Scenework

Topics will include: text analysis, rhetoric, politics, chain of being, religion, Tudor history, character motivation, cultural stereotypes, irony, oaths, character arc, and time travel.

A UCLA graduate, Armin apprenticed at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, eventually taking on lead comic roles. In NYC, he was first seen in Joe Papp’s highly acclaimed production of 3 Penny Opera at Lincoln Center. Broadway credits include: St. Joan with Lynn Redgrave, Broadway with Glenn Close, and Richard Rodgers’ last musical, I Remember Mama. Regional theater: Stage West, Connecticut Shakespeare Festival, Vermont Champlain Shakespeare Festival, Indiana Rep., Mark Taper Forum, L.A. Theatre Center, Tyrone Guthrie Theater, and the San Diego Repertory Theatre. Armin has guest starred in over 70 different TV shows and had major recurring roles in “Beauty and the Beast”, “Brooklyn Bridge,” “Boston Legal,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” He is perhaps best known for his seven years as the incorrigible Quark on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” A published author, Armin’s novels include The 34th Rule, Merchant Prince, Outrageous Fortune, and A Capital Offense — all products of decades of teaching Elizabethan Rhetoric to classical actors. Armin has taught at the Theatricum Botanicum, Theatre 40, UCLA, the High School for the Performing Arts, the Classic Lab, the Guthrie Theatre, Shakespeare at Play, and at Claremont College. He studied with Ada Brown Mather of RADA and Sir Peter Hall.

Paid Antaeus Internship Available

Want to work at Antaeus this summer? AND get paid? Here’s the official scoop…


Eligibility requirements expanded Summer job opportunities for 125 college students are now available through the L.A. County Arts Internship Program. The positions are for 10 weeks and pay $350 per week. Interns also take part in educational and arts networking activities. Through the program, interns gain real work experience to strengthen their resumes and develop business skills that can be put to use in their future careers.

To support the internships, Los Angeles County, through its Arts Commission, has given grants totaling $500,000 to 95 performing, literary, media and municipal arts organizations throughout the County. The internship program celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2009. More than 1100 college students have participated in the program since its inception in the summer of 2000.

Descriptions of and contacts for the 125 internship positions are posted on the Arts Commission’s web site. Go to www.lacountyarts.org, click on Internships, then 2009 Internship Positions. The direct link is http://lacountyarts.org/internships/docs/internships_postings09.pdf (the description of the Antaeus internship is on p5).

Interested college students should apply directly to the organization offering the internship, not the Arts Commission. General information on the internship program is also available on the web site. Eligibility requirements for the internships have been expanded in 2009. Graduating seniors who complete their undergraduate degrees by September 1, 2009 are eligible as well as undergraduates. Undergraduates must have completed at least one semester of college by June 2009 and be currently enrolled (full-time) in a community college or a four-year university. Applicants must be resident in and/or attending school in Los Angeles County.

Antaeus Diary: Breakthrough!

By Nicol Zanzarella

Antaeus Diaries provide unique perspectives on Classical Theater from the Antaean point of view as veterans and newbies alike detail their experiences in their own voices. In this installment, Antaeus Academy student Nicol Zanzarella shares a fantastic class experience.

Even with all the stress we have in our daily lives: a day-job, family responsibilities, bills to pay, not enough time for our own sanity, (hopefully) rehearsals and/or auditions to be at AND just trying to squeeze in time with your scene partner and do some decent work in class – (a class you take to better yourself, keep fresh and stay focused on your craft and most of the time you feel like you barely have the right amount of time to THINK about it – let alone do the work for it!) a breakthrough can still occur!!

Thanks to one of our fabulous repeat moderators (thank you Geoffrey Wade!) and ALL of the feedback that we get in class each week I had a personal breakthrough in my work in class last week! It was a week that my scene partner and I weren’t even sure we would get through. We both had SO much going on that we weren’t sure we could coordinate to get in a rehearsal so that we could re-work our scene from Uncle Vanya. We actually even tried to give up our spot to more deserving classmates that might have been better about trying to be responsible and make time even at 2 a.m.  if they had to. Alas, we had no takers and were encouraged by Cindy to just get up there anyway and see what would happen even if we didn’t have the proper rehearsal time. Well, thank goodness we did manage somehow to eek out an hour and half the night before class to go over our notes from the first performance and get some ideas of what we each needed to be working on and run it a few times, etc.

Along with many great notes about the scene and character – there was one thing in particular that I knew I needed to focus on as a goal for this class more than anything else – TO STAY OUT OF MY HEAD and so stop “apologizing” in my acting. This is an old, bad habit of mine from way back that had somehow found its evil way back into my work when I started my classes at Antaeus. Geoffrey Wade – a wonderful company member, actor, director, photography, mentor (see last week’s blog) gave me a note about this after we went up with this scene the first time, and it completely unlocked a door for me. To his credit, he was with us for the majority of last session (this is my second at Antaeus) and he directed me in one of our scenes from the last showcase so he is somewhat familiar with my work at this point.

I knew this was happening, but you can only tell yourself so many things you care to listen to in your own head. BUT to hear it from someone else – someone you trust – wow…talk about a moment. SO, that was my main goal over anything else for the re-work that night because I knew if I could find a way to free myself from the jail of my own head, everything else would come flooding through – AND IT DID. Thank God!!

There is much more work now to focus on for the scene to be in its rightful place but I succeeded in reaching my main goal and it was wonderful! I felt like myself again. I felt confident (the kind that is good for you) in a way I haven’t for a while and I can’t wait to get back up there and do it again and keep this ball rolling! Then we can get down to all the directorial nitty gritty but not until my own tool belt is full-up again. It was a really great personal moment for me and EXACTLY why I am in this class – to make breakthroughs, large and small, in my acting work.

I must also send a shout out to my lovely scene partner, Maria, who not only allowed me the space to work on what I needed to but did some of her most beautiful work in our scene that night – kudos girl!

Thanks for reading,