Kudos for ‘Golden Boy’ & ‘Bus Riley’ at Pepperdine

We got some great feedback from Scott Alan Smith, Adjunct Professor of Theatre at Pepperdine University and Road Theatre Company Artistic Associate , about work that Antaeus did in his text analysis & interpretation class.

I teach a course in text analysis and interpretation at Pepperdine University for mostly freshman and sophomores. Last Monday as part of our work on Odet’s Golden Boy we had two members from Antaeus come and perform a couple of scenes for us. Ramon De O’Campo and Angela Goethals did a cutting of the “Lorna/Joe” scenes as well as a scene from Bus Riley’s Back in Town. We had just finished working on this play and it was with great interest that my young actors watched a scene from a play they had just worked on being played by professionals. We had rehearsed with book in hand as if we were doing a staged reading and so Ramon and Angela worked the same way. I wanted the class to see the parallels to their own work and to also see how holding script is of little hindrance to playing a scene fully. My class was simply blown away by the work and we followed the first scene (Bus Riley) with a lively discussion between Angela, Ramon and the students . The class wanted to know about process and sources of inspiration and also asked practical questions about how they made staging decisions and what launched them into their work. Then Ramon and Angela did the cutting from Golden Boy and again we followed it with questions. The students asked about training and if there was any advice they would give young actors starting out (besides the required: don’t do it!). Ramon emphasized the need for training and Angela talked about grabbing the opportunities as they come. It was a great afternoon and my class learned so much from watching professionals. Thank you to Antaeus and especially to Cindy Jenkins, Ramon and Angela for making it happen. Looking forward to working with everyone again in the fall.


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