Jeffrey Hatcher Interview, Part I: “Hatcher, Bette & Balzac”

One of the most thrilling parts of premiering a new adaptation is the opportunity for a director and cast to work directly with the writer. I had the opportunity to sit down with playwright Jeffrey Hatcher and talk about the process of bringing Cousin Bette from page to stage. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting excerpts from the interview. Enjoy this installation of Cousin Bette: A Closer Look.

~Tamara Krinsky


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  1. […] Jeffrey Hatcher …has a field day with humor, sex and deceit… / …as apropos now as the novel was 160 years ago. / …absorbing theatrical script… / …brilliantly audacious adapation… / A surefire hit for audiences hungry for theatre with depth and eloquently executed passion. /  Brilliantly Machiavelllian…  / …succeeds to a remarkable degree… / …the juiciest, funniest, most twisted family sage since “August: Osage County.” /  …I haven’t had such fun since “Nicholas Nickleby”. / …stiletto-sharp humor. /  …a salient reminder of what cruelly, indifference and injustice can do to the human spirit. / …more riveting than…anything else you’re likely to see this year. […]

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